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The High Performance Club exists in order to help its members to enjoy and develop their driving skills, so as to reduce accidents on the road.

The name is somewhat anachronistic - the name High Performance Club dates back to the creation of the High Performance Course by the BSM in 1962, and back then the Course did indeed use a range of high performance cars.  Now as then, however, "High Performance" refers to the driver, not the car - it's about the driver displaying a high standard of roadcraft (based on the police driver's manual of the same name).

All HPC members are committed to self improvement and developing their driving skills, and few people know more about road driving than the professional driving coaches that HPC has selected to act as its entry course providers - they can help you to develop the specialised driving techniques and advanced skill required to fully enjoy your car in complete safety, and to deliver the high performance expected of every HPC member.

If you're interested, an initial half-day assessment with an approved course provider will allow them to judge whether you would benefit from an HPC entry course - only experienced drivers of high average ability can expect to qualify!

After a further two days of training, including time spent at a test track to develop the ability to corner safely at higher speed, coaches will only recommend drivers for membership of HPC if they demonstrate the high standard expected.

The High Performance Club...

  • passionate about driving
  • focused on self-improvement
  • fun-loving

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